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180+ Beautiful Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas (2023)

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180+ Beautiful Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas (2023)

Birth flower tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and there is a pretty good reason behind them. First of all these tattoos offer a beautiful way to express yourself or commemorate an important event (i.e. your birth).

These tattoos celebrate the special day of your birth month by incorporating the flower associated with your zodiac sign into a unique yet personal design.

Secondly, each flower carries a deep meaning that represents your personality.

It is now not an uncommon tattoo idea as many people love to commemorate this special milestone by getting inked with a creative design.

With a birth flower tattoo, you can show your pride in being born in a certain month and honor the beauty and meaning behind it. Moreover, you can also have something inked on your body that celebrates YOU.

Birth Flower Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

If you have ever been to a tarot card reader then you may already know that each birth month has its flower associated with it, each of which carries its unique symbolism.

For example, the lily is associated with purity and innocence in May, while the daisy is connected to joy and celebration for April babies.

These meanings can create a powerful connection between the wearer and their tattoo design. With so many options available, anyone can find a meaningful birth flower tattoo that speaks to them personally.

So if you are looking for something special to show off your personality and mark your birthday in style, consider getting a birth flower tattoo.

If you discuss with your tattoo artist then they can also confirm that the symbolisms behind birth flower tattoos can vary depending on the type of flower chosen.

For example, roses are often associated with grace, beauty, love, and innocence, while lilies can signify purity and regrowth after difficult times.

Other flowers such as daisies may symbolize innocence and new beginnings, while daffodils represent joy and happiness.

Additionally, some flowers have religious connotations; for instance, chrysanthemums are often seen as symbols of faithfulness.

Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo designs featuring birth flowers are also a great way of honoring the special people in your life.

If you want to show appreciation for someone born in the same month as you, why not get a matching set of birth flower tattoos?

You can coordinate them however you like- make them identical or choose complementary styles and colors that represent both your unique personalities.

This is an incredibly meaningful way of celebrating those close to you while showing off your zodiac sign.

You can choose these designs for yourself or someone else and we bet there’s no better way to mark such an important moment than with a beautiful birth flower tattoo.

1. Poppy Tattoo: The poppy is a popular flower choice for tattoos and is often painted in bright red hues, symbolizing remembrance or a reminder of those who have been lost. It is also associated with restful sleep, beauty, fertility, and success.

2. Daisy Tattoo: Representing purity and innocence, the daisy is known for its cheerful spirit and petite beauty. Daisies are typically portrayed in white with yellow centers but can be customized to any color combination you desire.

3. Rose Tattoo: Roses are one of the most popular flowers for tattoos due to their romantic symbolism behind them – love, passion, and devotion – as well as their beautiful look.

4. Lotus Tattoo: The lotus is a popular birth flower tattoo choice among those who admire its deeper spiritual meanings such as rebirth, renewal, and enlightenment. This flower is typically portrayed in white with green hues and is often associated with purity, beauty, eternity, and fertility.

5. Sunflower Tattoo: Representing adoration and loyalty, the sunflower usually comes in shades of yellow and orange but also can come in various color combinations depending on the person’s preference. It symbolizes strength as it follows the path of the sun wherever it goes.

6. Lavender Tattoo: The lavender flower is associated with femininity, grace, and elegance. It is often designed in purple hues but also can be added to any other color combination to create a unique design. Lavender symbolizes beauty, strength, and serenity.

7. Marigold Tattoo: This bright golden flower that blooms all summer long represents joy, creativity, and passion. Marigolds are typically portrayed in shades of yellow or gold but can be changed to fit the individual’s style.

8. Daffodil Tattoo: Symbolizing new beginnings, optimism, and hope for the future, daffodils are usually depicted in white or yellow hues with accents of orange and red. This flower is known for its determination to bloom even when the odds are against it.

9. Violet Tattoo: Violets represent faithfulness, loyalty, and humility and are usually designed in shades of purple or blue with accents of yellow and green.

10. Orchid Tattoo: Representing beauty, luxury, and refinement, the orchid is a popular choice among those who seek a more exotic look for their flower tattoos. They come in many different shapes and sizes but are typically depicted in white or pink hues with accents of lavender or blue. 

Birth Flower Tattoo Designs (Month Wise)

If you want to get a better idea and choose the luckiest flower based on your birth month then opt for these –

1. A striking jasmine flower tattoo on the back is ideal if you are an Aquarius (which is associated with January).

2. A cluster of violets inked around the neck in such a style that it results in an eye-catching design. This is the perfect choice for people born in February.

3. March-born people can opt for a detailed illustration portraying an entire meadow of wildflowers.

4. A delicate, minimalist design showcasing a single daisy will suit all the men and women born in April.

5. May-born people are considered shy therefore a single lily tattoo in black and white will suit them the most.

6. A beautiful blooming rose tattoo to represent your birth month of June.

7. Dahlias are perfect for you if your birth month is July. Just choose the placement wisely.

8. A sunflower is the birth flower for August born and it can be inked in so many different styles.

9. A stunning rosemary tattoo to commemorate those born in the beautiful month of September.

10. An elegant calla lily to celebrate those born in October.

11. A romantic lily-of-the-valley tattoo for November babies, representing beauty and innocence.

12. An abstract design featuring poppies, representing the zodiac sign Capricorn, which falls in December.

13. A detailed watercolor tattoo featuring all twelve months’ flowers if you would like to represent each month of the year.

14. An large size bouquet melding together all twelve of your birth flowers or representing the four seasons of our planet.

Birth Flower Tattoo Placement

With so many options available, it’s easy to find a birth flower tattoo that expresses the sentiment and emotion behind whatever occasion or person they are honoring. 

One point that you should remember is that the placement of your birth flower tattoo is important since it will reflect the meaning behind the design.

Common placements include on the back, chest, arm, ankle, neck, or wrist. Depending on where you decide to get your birth flower tattooed, it can symbolize different things.

For example, if you choose to place your tattoo on your back or chest area, it might stand as a reminder of family or strength.

On the other hand (no pun intended), if you decide to have it tattooed on an exposed area such as the wrist or ankle, it could be a sign of hope and optimism.

To make things easier for you here is our photo gallery of the best birth flower tattoos

January To December Birth Flower Tattoos

180+ Beautiful Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas (2023)

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