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10 Best Rose Shoulder Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe! | WikiHow

1663468230 10 Best Rose Shoulder Tattoo Ideas You Have To See
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10 Best Rose Shoulder Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe! | WikiHow

Are you looking for a beautiful floral tattoo that will look great on your shoulder? Then here are some amazing Rose Shoulder tattoos to check out!

Rose shoulder tattoo
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A lot of people wonder “What does rose on shoulder tattoo mean?” or “What does a rose tattoo on your shoulder mean?” but the answer is actually quite simple.

A rose tattoo can mean a lot of things based on the colour of the rose flower. A rose shoulder tattoo is essentially a tattoo where the rose flower is strategically placed on the shoulder to ensure maximum visibility.

Around the world, the red rose is known as the symbol for romance, love and passion. However, the other colours of the rose like blue rose, pink rose, orange rose, yellow rose and black rose symbolise other human emotions and sentiments. Getting a rose tattoo with any of these colours symbolises those emotions and feelings.

A blue rose tattoo would signify a fantasy or a dream. A yellow rose tattoo would show joy, friendship while the white rose would symbolise purity and youth. A black rose is used for grieving after someone’s death while pink rose symbolises the delightful feelings of first love, femininity and maternal love.

A lot of people get tattoos on their arms, back or chest but very few are willing to get shoulder tattoos. After all, shoulder tattoos are not always visible if we wear clothing over the area. However, they also look amazing even from a distance if you choose to reveal them. Thus, if you are on the search for an awesome rose shoulder tattoo, then you should definitely check out these ideas below.

Rose Shoulder Tattoo Designs In Minimal Style

Rose shoulder tattoo designs in minimal style
@mollylts via Instagram

If you are someone who is on the search for shoulder rose tattoo designs but prefer a more minimal, simple style then you should definitely look for a shoulder tattoo rose that matches your aesthetic. You can also opt for a small rose shoulder tattoo on your body with the tattoo emphasizing upon the beauty of the flower. A lot of women love to get tattoos of flowers as they look effortlessly elegant. Consequently, you can also choose a subtle and understated rose shoulder tattoo that will stand out in a crowd.

Vibrantly Colourful Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Vibrantly colourful rose shoulder tattoo
@the_wrkz via Instagram

If you are someone who does not like monochromatic tattoos made with black ink but would rather prefer a rose tattoo shoulder made with vivid colours, then you should ask your tattoo artist to add bright and vibrant colours to the flower tattoo on your body to elevate its beauty. Whether you choose to have a red rose tattoo on shoulder or an orange, blue, pink, white or yellow rose tattoo on the upper arm or across your shoulder blade, these tattoos look amazing even though they come at an additional cost.

Even if you want a black rose tattoo on shoulder, you can draw bright green leaves around it for better contrast.

Here are some lovely ideas for black and grey rose tattoos for your next rose shoulder tattoo.

Complex Rose Shoulder Tattoo That Looks Like Jewelry

Complex rose shoulder tattoo that looks like jewelry
@andreservin via Instagram

A lot of tattoos for women also look like a piece of ornament or jewelry on the body based on design choice. With the help of small gemstone tattoos, any tattoo can look like a wonderful ornament and a handy accessory to carry along!

If you really like this tattoo style, then you can also use it with flowers. Consequently, you can choose a rose flower like white rose tattoos in the piece to make it look as if you have worn an ornate and elaborate shoulder cuff with bright gems. This rose tattoo on the shoulder will definitely be eye-catching and stand out in a crowd.

Lovely Rose Shoulder Tattoo For Your Back

Lovely rose shoulder tattoo for your back
@hinano__wearing via Instagram

If you want a traditional red rose tattoo or black rose tattoo in a slightly unconventional way, you can also choose to drag the tattoo towards your back. This will be quite a bold idea as the tattoo with flowers would look wonderful on one side of your back as can be seen in the picture above.

Here, the wearer has decided to get a black rose tattoo with the petals drawn in an intricate, nuanced manner. This delicate style of flower tattoo is also quite popular among women who want red roses tattoo on their body. This style would also look great as a rose hip tattoo, rose neck tattoo, rose forearm tattoo or rose hand tattoo as well.

If you love the colour yellow, then you should check out these amazing Yellow Rose Tattoo designs.

Rose Shoulder Tattoos Perfect For Women

Rose shoulder tattoos perfect for women
@jessicarebell via Instagram

If you are looking for tattoos for women specifically, then you should check out flower tattoos such as rose tattoo designs. Whether you choose a black rose tattoo or a red rose tattoo, these look like pieces of art that are very attractive and eye-catching especially when you place them on your shoulder or any other part of the body. As can be seen in the picture, the rose shoulder tattoo female is perfect for any woman who wants an elegant, understated tattoo that is extremely beautiful nonetheless. The tattoo artist has done a fantastic job of using feather light strokes to fill in the tattoo rather than filling it with black ink entirely. The tattoo may be entirely monochromatic but the amazing technique used by the artist makes it unique.

Heavily Shaded Rose Tattoo Ideas

Heavily shaded rose tattoo ideas
@ste.bonura via Instagram

While most flower tattoos on the body are bright and beautiful, some people may also prefer rose tattoo designs that are darker and have a more mysterious vibe to them. If you would like to add a darker, more gothic and edgier effect to your tattoo, then you should ditch the idea of getting red roses shoulder tattoos but choose an entirely black rose shoulder tattoo for yourself instead.

As can be seen in the picture, the wearer has gotten a black rose tattoo which has been heavily shaded by the tattoo artist to make it look darker and more edgy. This will be a great and unexpected twist from the usual red roses that people get tattooed on their body. You might also prefer this tattoo as a memorial tattoo to grieve someone’s death and to keep them in your heart forever.

Elaborate Rose Tattoo Ideas

Elaborate rose tattoo ideas
@northsidetattooz via Instagram

If you are out to find elaborate and complex tattoos for women, then you can definitely draw some inspiration from the picture above. Here, the wearer has gotten a vivid and bright small rose tattoo and has also added colours to it. In addition to that, the wearer has also added a snake motif to the tattoo to show that flowers like beautiful red roses might be pretty to look at but they can also disguise poison or venom. If the idea of a deep, meaningful rose tattoo appeals to you, then you can also ask your tattoo artist to create such a design with a rose bush or red roses to put on your arm, shoulder or even the collar bone area. If you don’t like snakes, you can also place a lovely rose and butterfly tattoo on shoulder.

Tattoo Half Sleeve Ideas With Rose Motif

Tattoo half sleeve ideas with rose motif
@3lcoco10tatt2s via Instagram

If you are on the search for a bold tattoo, then you should ask your tattoo artist to create a tattoo sleeve on your entire or half part of the arm that starts from your shoulder. A half sleeve arm tattoo covers only the upper part of your arm. The half sleeve arm tattoo may not stretch down to your hand like the full sleeve tattoo will but it will still look awesome on your body.

If you are sure you want a half sleeve tattoo body art then you should first check out the best tattoo artists near you. If you are someone who does not like simple rose tattoo or small rose tattoo, then you should get a pink or white roses tattoo for your half-sleeve. You can also drag up the tattoo towards your neck to make a neck tattoo.

Ideas For Rose Shoulder Tattoos With Motivational Phrases

Ideas for rose shoulder tattoos with motivational phrases
@luxinktattoolounge via Instagram

Whether you get a flower tattoo on your shoulder, chest or upper arm, you should always decide upon a proper design before entering the tattoo parlour. Having a clear idea about the tattoo helps the tattoo artist visualise the design before they start working on it. Sometimes, a tattoo may look quite incomplete or isolated so a lot of people start adding different symbols and signs to it. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can also add some motivational words or phrases as you would like. A rose tattoo on shoulder with name would also be a wonderful way to express your love for someone. You can also put a pink rose tattoo with your first love’s name if it is a fresh and new romance. A black rose would also work as a memorial tattoo to remember and grieve the death of a loved one who has left this earth.

Ideas For Identical Rose Tattoo On Both Shoulders

Ideas for identical rose tattoo on both shoulders
@nicoertmanntattoo via Instagram

If you want a more unconventional idea for your rose shoulder tattoo then maybe you can try putting tattoos of two flowers on the two shoulders for a symmetrical rose tattoo. This design choice might not be as popular as tattooing a beautiful single flower in black ink on the shoulder or arm but it is still quite bold nonetheless.

As can be seen in the picture above, the wearer has made an aesthetic choice of putting small rose tattoos on both her shoulders which are in full bloom. Such small tattoos would also look great as a hip tattoo if you are looking for more places to set your tattoo on.

Floral tattoos have always enjoyed immense popularity all over the world and they never go out of trend. Different people around the world prefer different colours of the rose to place as a tattoo on their body based on the meaning that each of the colours convey. Thus, if you also want to follow this popular style and get a rose tattoo but with a slight twist, then you should go ahead and get a rose shoulder tattoo.

10 Best Rose Shoulder Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe! | WikiHow

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